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Trish Foti

Trish Foti is a New Orleans native known for her emotion-packed performances. Classically trained, Trish studied voice at Texas Christian University and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. 

A Music Minister in the Church for over 30 years, she has served as Music Director, Choir Director, and Cantor at various parishes throughout the state. Notably, she is  the former Cantor at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans and Music Director for a decade at the historic Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church in New Orleans.  Trish also has over 25 years experience in the music classroom, leading numerous choirs to significant awards. Currently, she serves as Music Director at St. Ann Church and National Shrine in Metairie, Louisiana.

Trish keeps quite busy as a frequent freelance soloist, cantor, and recording artist with her base in New Orleans. She often performs and speaks nationally at conventions, most recently at national conventions in both Los Angeles, Baltimore, and New Orleans. She released a "Best of" CD in 2019. Trish released a original national release in July 2021. She has seven national full length releases to date available on itunes and other outlets. 

She is a highly sought after national vocal coach working closely for many films and TV series in Hollywood South and beyond. She has provided guidance and coaching for movies and television shows for Netflix, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros affiliates, Disney, and numerous other live performing groups and film companies and television shows. In the recording studio and on set she provided vocal coaching for the movie soundtrack “The Last Laugh”  featuring Chevy Chase, Richard Dreyfuss, and Andie McDowell under the direction of acclaimed producer Jay Weigel. She has also served as a vocal coach for the 2019/2020 filing of “Tall Girl” and “The Friend” featuring Dakota Johnson and Denee Benton. She has also coached for TBS' 'Claws' and Disney's 'Sulfur Springs'.  In 2021 she completed 'Tall Girl Two' for Netflix and is currently coaching several national actors including performers for Disney and Luke Eisner based in LA. 

Trish maintains an "in demand" vocal studio in New Orleans offering instruction to both students and professionals. Her students have gone on to singing professionally in New York City, Tennessee, Florida, and California. She also works with local “girl groups” such as the “Dazzle Dolls” and members of the “Victory Bells”. 

Trish is happily married to her best friend Matthew de Blanc. They are proud native New Orleanians and share four beautiful grown children and welcomed their first grandchild in 2019, their second in October 2021, and eagerly await their third in June of 2022.  


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