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​​WE HAVE A PANDORA STATION: check out Trish there!


"A Woman's Heart" is #5 in Canada and 7/8 in the US for the 11th Week! Thanks for the support on Christian Radio!

"Be Still" debuted at 2! It is in the top ten on the International, Outlet, and US Charts on week #14! Please keep requesting it!

Trish Foti has been nominated for Catholic Music Express' Female Vocalist of the Year!


​If you are in the following areas, tune in to the listed station and request "A Woman's Heart" and "Be Still".

Thanks to all these stations for helping us to get heard...

Atlanta, GA: WMVV
Caribou, Maine: WFST
England: Word Outreach Radio
Halifax NS, Canada: CIRP
Japan: Real Country (RCR)
Newark/Zanesville, OH: WJFY
Salt Lake City, UT: KSFI
Spindale, NC: WGMA

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