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My angel. The Novena was beyond words. Thank you for helping me see the heart of Jesus.


Dear Trish,Your voice is angelic. We are so thankful for your guidance and thoughtfulness during our wedding planning. Thank you for setting up such amazing musicians. The ceremony was so moving. So many people, Trish, asked about YOU! They thought you poured out your entire heart and soul into every word sung, especially the AVE MARIA. Brad and I are forever thankful to you. Love, Toni and Brad



Your singing was beautiful today at St. Mary's for the healing Mass. I truly enjoyed Mass even more because of your beautiful singing. I was sitting upstairs and could see you. You are without a doubt the best singer in the New Orleans area for Masses and the church settings...Your singing is so peaceful and beautiful. I was so excited when I heard you were singing today!


Thank you for your songs... I hear you on TV for the first time....your voice is a calms me and my special needs child. Thank you...Jennifer


Thanks for sharing your gift yesterday at the Gala Mass. Your sincerity and reverence impressed and moved me...almost as much as your voice.I hope to see you in concert soon...Pax,Fr. B


Listening to your Christmas CD while putting up my tree. You have the voice of an angel...  BECK


Thank you for your wonderful music at Lafeniere Park. What inspiration and Faith you have.Thank you for sharing.  JANE


Heard you were doing the concert in Lafeniere Park on September 21st...can't wait...driving in with family from BR to see you!!!  ROSE


Not a Bride, but at your concert. You have such a being in the presence of an angel. Can't wait till your next one. I am on the board for the opera...I know voices have a gift of one! Brava!


Going through a really hard time right now. Your CD has been so soothing....thank you. You sound like an angel!  JAN E


Heard you song "A Woman's Heart" on our local station. You have really touched me...I forwarded to all my friends. I hope you come this way in concert soon....


Just wanted to let you know that the music was exquisite at the Wedding.  The music was so beautiful and wonderful...everyone is still talking about it!


Trish, heard you last weekend at Father Seelos mass. As always your voice is beautiful. Just listen to part of your new album. Beautiful and very relaxing! Thank you for sharing your gift from God!


Trish,    Thank you so much for the fabulous music and singing Saturday night!!! All 3 of you were wonderful!! You made this special occasion even more memorable...Thanks again, Claudia and Kristin


Your Inspired Classics CD is so wonderful!  I have enjoyed it so much after having purchased it for my daughter in order to help her make selections for her wedding.  I absolutely love the CD and listen to it every morning while getting ready for work.  Such a beautiful, spiritual and prayerful way to begin the day.  Thank you!!


There are were an "angel" to me during the wedding...planning..the advice...and OH the singing. You made our wedding more than I could ever ask for! Your new CD is truly lives permanently in my car and on my ipod. Big hugs and thanks!


Trish,  Honestly, there are NO WORDS that can express how special the music was for the wedding and by the comments we received, how much our guests enjoyed it.   We received the most beautiful comments about your singing and the other musicians as well !!   We heard many comments that it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to  that it was the most beautiful wedding they will probably ever go to.   The singing and music was just exceptional in every way !!   Thank you...


Your singing tonight was angelic....perfect. You are truly the best the city has to offer.


Thank you for coming to St. Anselm Parish and gracing us with a beautiful concert. It was wonderful.


Trish, Your voice is a gift that lifts us all!Merci beaucoup for your kind words.This rose wishes to deliver our gratitude for your kindness and extraordinary artistry.Gratefully and Musically... All the very best, Manon and Albinas


Once again you brought tears to my eyes. The wedding was all the more beautiful because of YOU. Thank you for sharing your gift with our family-you know I am so grateful. So many people said they wanted to applaud after each song!!!!


Trish, your concert tonight, was beautiful and touching.  Your choice of songs and passionate performance truly captured "love." I can't wait to listen to my new CD!


The best way I can describe how I feel about this album "LOVED" is by my actions. After I listened to Loved for the first time, I found myself unconsciously hitting the replay button to enjoy it all over again.

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