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Give the gift of song this holiday season...

Every year, I come across those individuals on my Christmas list that "have it all." For me, these are often those I cherish most and I want to celebrate their life and our relationship with a special gift.  This year, I am offering a unique and one of a kind gift. This Christmas you will have the opportunity to dedicate a song to a loved one at one of my four Christmas concerts.  With this dedication, you will receive a printed card indicating the concert and song that is being dedicated in their honor.

How it works...

1. Complete the ORDER FORM by clicking on the ORDER NOW button.

     -While completing the FORM you will have the ability to select the concert date and specific song you would like dedicated.  You will also name the individual the song is being dedicated to at this time.

    -To see a complete song list before opening the order form


2. Send payment of $50 by:

    -Check to:

        Trish Foti Genco

        220 Elmeer Ave

        Metairie LA 70005


    -Pay Pal:


3. Once we receive your information we will mail you a printed card indicating the concert and song that will be dedicated to your loved one.


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For more information:

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